Three concerts in Spain

Three concerts in Spain.

In late January Ruslana performed in Malaga, Barcelona and Madrid in front of the Ukrainian communities to raise funds for humanitarian aids in Eastern Ukraine.

In addition the concert tour with a two-hour show aimed to strengthen the volunteer movement of the Ukrainian diaspora and unite the national spirit for a common goal: building a new Ukraine.

After singing the Ukrainian National Anthem Ruslana addressed the audience:

“Ukrainians around the world! It’s time to initiate a campaign against terrorism in Ukraine.

We encourage and invite the world to join Ukraine and prevent future victims.

We also ask to recognize the territory of Eastern Ukraine (Donetsk and Lugansk region) as a territory occupied by terrorists and all acts of war and acts of terrorism as
1) the actions that were organized and funded by Putin;
2) actions run by Russian professional military and special forces;
3) activities that are carried out using mercenaries and people who are trained directly in Russia and receive orders and instructions from there, including the information formulations and behaviour models.

World! It’s time to call a spade a spade! It’s the Moment of Truth.
This is the essence of the anti-terrorist operation: Everyone should see the face of terrorists and know who is behind it.”

Night of Remembrance

On the night of the 29th to 30th November 2014, precisely one year after the special police unit dispersed peaceful students with batons, a “Night of commemoration” took place on Maidan, initiated by Ruslana, the Night Guard of the Maidan and the Agency of the Image of Ukraine.

Without unnecessary pathos, but with an open stage, where everyone willing had an opportunity to give a speech, while a flexible schedule allowed for improvisation, the action was 100% civilian.

Ruslana: “People are worried, and are feeling a moment of responsibility. I see, that so many people who stayed till the morning are ready to take this responsibility upon themselves. On this night the civilians at the Maidan addressed the acting authorities - the president, the parliament and the government. On this night we brought the Maidan back, and everyone has seen that Ukrainians, just like the year before, are active; that Ukrainians are sufficiently conscious and sufficiently independent. All our initiatives have to be heard and seen by the world. The most important thing is that today we have mobilized around a misfortune. I am urging everyone to join us! Glory to Ukraine!”

The participants of the “Night of commemoration” included: the Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine, Roman Vashchuk, the EU Ambassador to Ukraine, Jan Tombinski and the Lithuanian Ambassador to Ukraine, Piatras Vaitekunas. The ex-advisor to the president of Russia, Andrii Illarionov, has touched upon the subject of the initiation of Putin’s war against Ukraine in his speech.

The member of the European Commission, Štefan Füle, addressed the audience by Skype from Prague. The Georgian politician and reformer, Mikhail Saakashvili, took part by Skype from Washington and came up with suggestions concerning the fight against the anarchy in Ukraine.

Borys Gudziak, a bishop and head of the Ukrainian Catholic University joined live from Brussels. The students themselves of the Ukrainian Catholic University and of the National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, of the Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University as well as the students who have suffered during the dispersal one year ago, had an opportunity to give a speech on the stage on Maidan as the generation of the new Ukraine.

Video messages came from the diaspora EuroMaidans of Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Detroit, Warsaw, Brussels, Munich, Cologne and Hamburg. The action was ended at 6:30 a.m. with a walk to the Saint Michael’s Monastery Chapel, where the morning service took place.

Ruslana’s Sunrise Foundation

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have left their homes, and our mutual goal is to create appropriate living conditions for the fugitive families.

Ruslana and the International Charity Fund Ukrainskii Svitanok (Ukrainian Sunrise) are launching a project to support the refugees from the West and South of Ukraine.

The hotline which would be handling the requests of the citizens is: 0 800 503 911

The account details for transfering financial help for the refugees and soldiers is:

BENEFICIARY: International Charitable Foundation “Ukrainian Sunrise”


USD 26000056110641

EURO 26008056106391






Your responsiveness and awareness helps us with processing every request and providing shelter, food and medical treatment to the families who were rid of a permanent home.


Anthem, folk songs and oath for Ukraine at the annual Cultural Festival of the Ukrainian Heritage Center Soyuzivka

On July 13-14, 2014, Ruslana attended the annual Cultural Festival of the Ukrainian Heritage Center Soyuzivka in Kerhonkson, NY.

The event gathered a record number of Ukrainians from the U.S. and Canada.

Together with audience Ruslana held a mass prayer for Ukraine, peace and tranquility and gave an oath to Ukraine:
“I will do everything to save Ukraine.”

Ruslana campaigned in Romania for Ukraine and peace

On June 25, 2014 Ruslana performed at the International Educational Festival in Iasi, one of the biggest festivals in Romania. Apart from Ruslana other Eurovision stars including Alexander Rybak performed.

Her nearly one and a half hour concert Ruslana devoted to Ukraine, campaigning for peace and quiet.
Throughout the concert the singer held a Ukrainian flag! The local public came in support of Ukraine with Ukrainian yellow and blue flags.

“I’m holding the flag of my country. My country is in my heart. We just want peace in my country. We’ll never give up! Never ever!” – With these words Ruslana began her speech. The singer said that after the Ukrainian word for mother, father, sister, brother, and love, the next most important word is Ukraine!

The last song of her performance “This is Euphoria” Ruslana dedicated to all fallen in Eastern Ukraine.

“The whole fee for the performance I gave to needy people who were forced to migrate because of the occupation and terrorism in Eastern Ukraine.”

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Ruslana is going to perform at festival in Romania

25th June 2014, Iasi, Central Square, Romania.

Ruslana is going to perform at the International Festival of Education.

Ruslana took part in the 6th Congress of Women in Warsaw and met Donald Tusk

On May 10, Ruslana took part in the 6th Congress of Women (Kongres Kobiet) in Warsaw.

During the congress influential women of Poland were discussing current social, economic, and political questions. The Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk, was present at the Congress. Each phrase by Ruslana was interrupted by applause and hence her speech turned into a collection of slogans.

“Undoubtedly Poland is together with us! Not just with words, but with deeds!”, states Ruslana.

In her speech delivered from the stage to the audience of 6,000 people, she said:

“If you are awaiting a classic traditional war, it’s not going to happen! Putin’s war comprises dark technologies. He is the sponsor of terrorism! He is the master of special operations and terrorist acts!”

Ruslana told the Polish people that the detriment from all the lies and propaganda which caters to Putin’s war is scarier than we think!

The Ukrainian also urged all the women to put maximum pressure on male politicians and businessmen, to put an end to war using all possible methods!

Ruslana: “I told about Kremlin’s defamation of the Polish people in Eastern Ukraine, in particular in Kramatorsk where rumours are spread that ‘men in uniform with guns’ are allegedly ‘Banderivci’ (Stepan Bandera followers) and Poles.”

I called upon the Poles to join in the common prayer for peace and tranquility which will take place on May 24 at the Homyak Mountain (1,600 m) in the Carpathians.

Ruslana called on all Poles to join for prayer for peace and tranquility which will be held on May 24th on Mount Homyak (1600m) in the Carpathians. She asked everyone to open their eyes and not to pretend that Putin’s war does not exist.

She also addressed Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel with relevant appeals, since Merkel is choosing between business and human lives, and Hilary Clinton’s husband signed the Budapest Memorandum in 1994.

The women in front of which Ruslana delivered her speech, influence public opinion and political decision.

At the end of her speech Ruslana had gotten to her knees and asked to do everything possible to stop Putin’s war. After that she sang Wild Dances, This Is Euphoria, and by tradition the National Anthem of Ukraine.

The whole auditorium switched on their flashlights and chanted the words “Peace and Tranquility” together with Ruslana which is what Ukraine is striving for in the world (unlike Putin).

After the event came to an end Ruslana had a separate half an hour long meeting with Donald Tusk.

Ruslana: “I confirmed that the terrorist operation is already moving towards Western Ukraine! I also said that Ukraine is very exhausted as result of intimidation with terrorist attacks and other acts of sabotage! We discussed the issue of propaganda and ways to fight it.”

Lies shouldn’t rule the world!

Atlantic Council Distinguished Humanitarian Leadership Award

The Atlantic Council presented its 2014 Distinguished Leadership Awards in Washington D.C. April 30 before an audience of more than 900 US and international foreign policy and business leaders. The annual awards celebrate people and institutions that make extraordinary contributions to building transatlantic relations.

Ruslana received the prestigious award for her tireless commitment as a passionate advocate for a free, independent and democratic Ukraine.

Latvian Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma introduced Ruslana in an emotional laudation: “When Ruslana sang the Ukraine national anthem on Maidan on freezing winter nights she inspired her nation to peaceful resistance. Her voice was stronger than sniper bullets. … I am reminded of my country’s singing revolution 25 years ago. We start sing the songs that gave us comfort and strength in those days to regain freedom. So, I am sure Ruslana’s leadership will have lasting influence on her nation.”

Ruslana appealed for international support for Ukraine’s battle to keep its independence, despite Russia’s seizure of Crimea and the Russian-backed violence in eastern Ukraine.

“Don’t wait for a new tragedy to happen. One tragedy already happened– on the Maidan, another happened to the Crimea, a third one is happen at– in East Ukraine. Help us stop Putin’s aggression, stop his megalomania. You are acting as if Putin is on Mars, but not earth. The problem is not the sanction, not the weapons, the problem is the courage. America be strong. America doesn’t want a war so then show that you are able to stop the war. Please do everything to safe human lives before it’s too late”, she urged.

And addressing the Russia’s leader directly: “President Putin, if you want to destroy Ukraine you must understand it’s impossible. The spirit of Ukrainians is undefeated. You should know when people fight for their country they lose fear. I have no way back. I started to struggle on the Maidan and I will fight to the end. I’m not afraid of anything.”

At the end of her speech Ruslana asked the audience to pick up the hundreds of flashlights distributed around the tables in the ballroom.

“This flashlight is more powerful than tanks and propaganda. Switch on your flashlights, lights of freedom. Show the Maidan for peace here and now. I am proud of my country. I am proud to present the symbol of light and people power. Glory to Ukraine. We woke up the world.”

The room’s lights were dimmed, and the gathering switched on the flashlights, as crowds at the Maidan did over the winter to show their support for a free and democratic Ukraine. The melody of Ukraine’s national anthem swelled, and as Ruslana sang it, the hundreds of US and European foreign policy and business leaders rose from their seats, their flashlights raised.

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Ruslana at the conference TEDx in Sao Paolo, Brazil

Ruslana is currently staying in Sao Paolo, Brazil, where she will take part in the world-known annual TEDx conference which is dedicated to the ideas worth spreading.


I will be dedicating my speech at the world-famous conference TEDx which will take place on March 23 in Sao Paolo, Brazil, to the Maidan and the power of the people. This conference will be opened by Pelé, the most legendary football player.
The Maidan: revolution or evolution?

At the Maidan we were defending the things which hold the most value for us - the life, the future, dignity, the right to choose! We wanted to change our lives for the better, to get a perspective for our country’s as well as of our own development.

We all want to be happy in Ukraine and not having to resort to seeking a happier life overseas. What was it that took place on the Maidan: revolution or evolution?

By all means we want to create, not ruin.

Maidan is what the creation of life is based upon: mutual understanding, solidarity, the desire to hear each other and to help each other, giving up everything for your close ones, giving up everything for your country while not expecting anything in return, the desire to be together!

Maidan was praying in all languages and all religions. We are all different, but united by a sole idea - Ukraine! To me, the picture of Maidan will always remain as the “Lights of Freedom”.

Alongside Ruslana, the other participants of this very conference will include the world-famous football player Pelé, the Secretariat-General of the Presidency of the Republic, Gilberto Carvalho, activist and defender of the women’s rights in Egypt, Mona Eltahawy, journalist and co-ordinator of the civil initiatives during the protests in Brazil, Bruno Torturra, and a 14-year old student Isadora Faber, who got renowned for her online diaries revolving around the problems faced by students.

Right after Brazil, Ruslana will be taking off to Washington, where she will participate in the Atlantic Council Program.

Ruslana performed National Anthem of Ukraine at Women in the World 2014 in New York

On April 3, 2014 the opening ceremony for the Women in the World Summit took place which will be held for three days in the David H. Koch Theater. Ruslana received an invitation to take part in the event from one of the most famous American anchorwoman, the journalist and editor of The Daily Beast and producer of numerous talk shows, Tina Brown. Ruslana was invited as a Maidan activist who expressed her active civil position. At the opening ceremony of the Summit Ruslana performed a special version of the National Anthem of Ukraine in both Ukrainian and English.

The other participants of this Summit which was held for the fifth time included the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, Ambassador-At-Large for Global Women’s Issues at the US Department of State and a Co-CEO of Vital Voices Partnership, Melanne Verveer, as well as the well-known Hollywood actress Meryl Streep.

At the closing ceremony of the Summit Ruslana performed This Is Euphoria the song which preceded the Maidan by almost two years and predicted the future events accurately depicting them in her official video. In her speech, Ruslana addressed the audience with a request to light up the flashlights as a gesture of solidarity and support of the Ukrainian people against Putin’s tyranny. In return 3,000 torches lit up in the hall.

Also Ruslana met with Hillary Clinton in private on the eve of the Summit, and in the following days the singer will take part in television programs, including the Charlie Rose show, and Good Morning America, as well as meet with the Ukrainian community and visit the Ukrainian Museum

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