Headliner at Eurovision Gala Night in Luxembourg

On 31st October 2015 Ruslana performed as headliner among several Eurovision stars at the 8th Eurovision Gala Night in Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg, and held a conference with the local Ukrainian community.

The annual event organized by the Eurovision fan club OGAE is Luxembourg’s sort of own small Eurovision Song Contest as the country hasn’t participated in Europe’s favourite TV show since 1994. Sixteen contestants competed each representing a different country and performing a popular Eurovision hit. After the competition part a number Eurovision stars performed, including Baccara who represented Luxembourg, András Kalláy-Saunders from Hungary, Nadine Beiler from Austria, Sinplus from Switzerland, Sestre from Slovenia, and the 1964 winner for Italy, Gigliola Cinquetti.

When finally at 11.30 pm Ruslana and her Zhyttya dancers took off with Wild Dances countless yellow and blue flags were waved in the audience.

As headliner Ruslana had the by far the longest performance. After Wild Dances, The Same Star, Arkan and Dance With The Wolves she performed This Is Euphoria with images from Maidan shown on the huge screen behind the stage.

The people in the audience including the Deputy Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Etienne Schneider, showed their respect and support to Ruslana as an outstanding performer and an ambassador for her country with longlasting standing ovations.

Ruslana: The performance traditionally ended with the song “This is Euphoria.” During this on the big screen videos from Maidan were shown. After that, I kissed our flag and the entire audience stood up. I stressed how important their support is to us. I said that Ukraine still remains in danger.

When I said the word ‘Ukraine’ the whole hall reacted with frantic applause. I noticed the incredible sympathy for Ukraine. Even if politics can lose it, the Ukrainian society gained this sympathy forever, and we have to maintain this sympathy. The new Ukrainian society is a society in which certain words are not empty. Ukrainians actually breathe the air of free and independent people. In this way, Ukraine appears for Europeans the country of the future.

A panel of 16 international jury members cast their votes and also the audience could vote by making a donation. All funds collected were donated to the Red Cross. At the end of the voting procedure Dorothea Ferrari representing Ireland with the 1996 winning song The Voice was revealed as the winner.

Before the show Ruslana held a conference in front of the Ukrainian community asbl LUkraine.

She reported: The Ukrainians around the world, whom I meet when giving concerts in different country, give me an incredible energy and supportive belief that everything we do is not in vain.

Today was probably the most important meeting of the recent time. I allowed myself to speak in a very frank way. People reacted to my openness by also not keeping their experiences for themselves. I realized that my thoughts coincide with the opinions of the majority. We are actually all on the same wavelength, and all of us are concerned about the same things.

After the meeting Ruslana gave several media interviews including to the ESC fan club OGAE Ukraine, Eurovision Radio International, and the online radio Tommy Ferguson’s Eurovision Show.

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Ruslana and the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus live in Toronto

On 24th October 2015 Ruslana performed together with the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus at the world famous Massey Hall in Toronto where mega stars including Ringo Starr, Gordon Lightfoot, Luciano Pavarotti, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young have performed previously.

The first part of the event consisted of a unique combination of Ruslana and her musicians with the all-male Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus which has a long history of representing Ukrainian bandura and choral music on the international stages. For the second part of the evening, Ruslana performed a solo program with her rock band.

The bandura is a national musical instrument unique to the culture of Ukraine and its history. Ruslana commented: “I have worked with the bandura before but have only just, truly discovered this instrument today. Most impressive was the perfect match of the bandura and the rock style. Surely, we have made a certain breakthrough today. At least for ourselves. You can compare it with the time when rock bands played with an orchestra for the first time. We can’t put our feelings into words… Perhaps this is exactly what Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin felt at a time. The combination of the bandura and the rock group is truly unique and with this we need to do something. I feel it is necessary to develop this musical genre.

These male voices, without exaggeration, sound like and can be compared to Gregorian chants. In the same way the world is captivated by the Gregorian chants, today people in the audience were inspired by the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus and by the sounds of the bandura. Now I understand that I love when the bandura plays but not only one – but when there are 40-45 of them. This is such a magical sound which is impossible to describe with words – Ukrainian authentic instruments have their own magic…

During the concert people were applauding louder that we were playing. The walls were shaking from the applause, despite the presence of a lot of elderly people. People were amazed of what they saw.”

On the day before the concert Ruslana visited four schools and met with 1,600 children of the Ukrainian community in Canada. Ruslana commented:

“In every school I asked the same easy question: ‘Where is Ukraine?’ Nearly all the children replied that Ukraine is in the heart. I was impressed by this. I added that if Ukraine is in the heart it means that it is here and now – so Ukraine is everywhere where we are.”

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Two acclaimed live concerts in Manchester

On 9th and 10th October 2015 Ruslana gave two acclaimed live concerts at the Manchester Ukrainian Cultural Centre ‘Dnipro’. Originally only one show on Saturday was planned. But as it was sold out within a few hours after the ticket lines opened a second one on Friday night was allocated which was also almost sold out. They were the first live concerts in the UK since Ruslana’s extensive 18-concerts UK tour in 2005.

On Thursday, 8th Oct., Ruslana received a warm welcome at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre by the Ukrainian community. Manchester Ukrainian dance ensembles Orlyk and Podilya and choirs Mriya and Volia performed for her and the star was excited about the great skills of the local artists. Of course together they sang the National Anthem of Ukraine.

Before both of Ruslana’s concerts the British-Ukrainian band Chorna Roza warmed up the audience as a support band. The singer and her 3-piece band gave everything fuelled by the thrilled audience. The whole hall was dancing, singing and cheering from the first tone. Her energetic show lasted until midnight. After the Friday show she recalled:

“It was probably first time in my life when my concert lasted over two and a half hours (we started at 9.30 p.m. and finished at midnight local time)!

I thank the Ukrainian community in Manchester and my European fans who came from other cities in the UK and Europe for your drive and extraordinary reception! You gave me strength for the future, your chants and applause, your eyes that shone something special and that will remain with me all of my life!”

On the second night the enthusiasm of the audience was even exceeded. Again Ruslana’s full power show lasted more than two hours. She recalled:

“Yesterday’s concert in Manchester was unsurpassed. It was the people themselves who created it – Ukrainians were united together this night!!! Constantly exclaiming ‘Glory to Ukraine!!! Ukraine !!! Heroes do not die !!!’. I will write in more detail of the whole experience, but now I can say one thing – Ukraine, is where we are!

I thank the Ukrainians in Manchester and everyone who has made the two hours on stage unforgettable! I wanted to give you all my energy to last 100 years, but you have given me your power for 100 years.”

At the concerts 1,028 GBP (33,700 UAH) were raised for Ruslana’s charity fund Ukrainian Sunrise which supports the victims of the war in Eastern Ukraine, especially children.

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New single: Artek-Bukovel i ya

The song Artek-Bukovel i ya (Artek-Bukovel and me) was written by Ruslana for the 90th anniversary of the youth camp Artek, situated in the Carpathian Mountains resort Bukovel. The song was recorded with youngsters of the music project Dream School and premiered at the opening of Artek on 16th June 2015.

“The new anthem for the youth camp was not only composed to celebrate the event but to teach teenager values. This was the most important reason why I wrote this song”, Ruslana explains.

Artek had been located on Crimea for decades. Because of the annexation of the peninsula by Russia it was relocated to the mountain resort Bukovel in the Western part of the country.


The video clip shows Ruslana’s vision of Ukrainian youth. The song is the soundtrack for her new project “Ukrainian Teenagers”.

Ruslana: “The Carpathian Mountains are a special place on this planet. A place which means more than just summer, mountains, rivers. This is the place where the Ukrainian Teenagers will show their talent. In future we want to find unique persons of the country (IT specialists, singers, dancers, inventors, scientists, philosophers) and open the world for them here in the Carpathians.”

Ruslana feat. Dream School: Artek-Bukovel I ya

Single 2015

Producer: Ruslana, O. Ksenofontov and Agency Image of Ukraine

Music: Ruslana

Lyrics: Oleksandr Ksenofontov, Ruslana

Recording: Studio FDR

Drums: Michael Zemelskiy

Bass: Vladislav Budeev

Guitar: Andre Oniskevich

Piano: Ruslana

Elektronica: DJ Small

The song is available for download on

and other digital music stores.

Ruslana rocking Munich

On 16th May Ruslana rocked Munich with her live band. Her extraordinary energy made the audience go wild and took the roof off the Schlachthof, a traditional rock club where Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Madonna, Eric Clapton, and many other world stars have played already.

Ruslana started with a rock version of the Ukrainian National Anthem which was sung along passionately by the audience.


Apart from many Ukrainians, fans from all over Germany, and from other countries including the UK, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic and even Moscow had come specifically for this event. Almost all of them showed their support for Ukraine turning the venue into an ocean of blue and yellow flags, scarfs and flowers.


Between the songs Ruslana thanked the Ukrainian community for all their support of the ATO fighters and the victims of the war. Ruslana is not only an exceptional vocalist but also an ambassador of her country who spreads optimism and fills people with positive energy.

This concert showed that Ukraine has a fan club and Ukrainians are looking for events where we can feel that we have common views on Ukraine and one goals,“ recalled Ruslana afterwards.


The set played with just guitar, bass and drums included only groovy songs except for some balads. Dressed all in black Ruslana swirled around the stage and people were going crazy. After almost two hours non-stop full power performance the singer intoned the anthem again. Enthusiastic „Ruslana“ and „Molodets“ shouts brought her back for two encores.

“It was one of the most energetic concerts of the recent time – My present to the Ukrainian comunity in Germany and the Eurovision fans“, Ruslana concluded.

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Ruslana to perform in Germany!

On 16th May Ruslana is going to come to Germany for a full live concert! All funds raised will be given to Ruslana’s International Charity Foundation Ukrainian Sunrise.

Saturday, 16th May 2015, 20:30

Venue: Schlachthof, Zenettistr. 9, 80337 Munich, Germany

Tickets: 30 euros + box office fee

Tickets can be purchased here:

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Announcement: The concert tour in the USA from April 25th to May 3rd was cancelled!

Ruslana’s press service would like to issue an official statement announcing that all of her performances in the United States from April 25th to May 3rd of 2015 will not take place due to cancellation of the concert tour.

On April 25th, 2015 Ruslana will perform the anthem of Ukraine opening Wladimir Klitschko’s boxing match at Madison Square Garden, then immediately will depart for Baku, Azerbaijan to take part in the 3rd Global Shared Societies Forum.

Cologne: Ruslana receives Lew Kopelew Award for Peace and Human Rights

For her tireless social commitment Ruslana was awarded the prestigious Lew Kopelew Award for Peace and Human Rights. The Lew Kopelew Forum in Cologne, Germany, awards every year a price for extraordinary activities for humanity and understanding among nations.

Apart from Ruslana the Russian singer Andrej Makarevich, the Ukrainian activist Yevgenij Zakharov and the Russian children’s book author Eduard Uspenskij were awarded. The laudatory speech was held by the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz.

Panel discussion with the laureates the night before the award ceremony

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Interviewed by Deutsche Welle

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Award Ceremony

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Ruslana voted best Eurovision interval act

Ruslana was voted the best Eurovision national final interval act 2014/2015. The poll was initiated by the popular Eurovision blog Wiwibloggs. For her performance at the Romanian national final Ruslana received not only an amazing 50.55% (5,684 of a total of 11,244 votes) but also numerous positive comments appreciating her powerful energy, and sincere emotional statement about Ukraine. Last year’s Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst was nominated with four performances and received a grand total of 2,788 votes.

“Ukraine is a country of strong character. We are fighting for light to save Ukraine, to save Europe, to save the world” , her message on the TV show broadcast live on Romanian National TV and eurovision.tv came from the bottom of her heart.

Energy and emotions at the Romanian Eurovision National Final

Ruslana was invited to perform as interval act at the Romanian Eurovision National Final in Craiova, Romania, broadcast live on Romanian TV channel TVR and www.eurovision.tv.

She opened with Wild Dances to which she added a verse in Romanian for the delight of the audience. After her energetic performances of Arkan, Dance with the Wolves and Play Me, Musician, where Ruslana ran through the audience and danced with the crowd, she addressed the audience. She spoke about the International Women’s Day and how happy she was to perform at the Romanian ESC Final.

She then wanted to speak about Ukraine. “You have to understand my next statement. It’s just twenty or thirty seconds, but it’s about Ukraine,” she said. Having said only this one word, the audience responded with standing ovations and chanting “Ukraine, Ukraine!” Ruslana was so overwhelmed by this sincere support for her country that she burst into tears.

“The wave of energy that arose in the hall was unbelievable. In this moment I remembered all our guys who died, and couldn’t hold back my tears.”

The presenters now wanted to take over, but Ruslana continued:

“Ukraine is a country of strong character. We are fighting for light to save Ukraine, to save Europe, to save the world. Please guys switch on your flashlights to show your support to everybody - as a symbol of power.”

She then closed her set with This Is Euphoria, holding a flashlight while the hall was lit by an ocean of lights in support for Ukraine.

Ruslana: “The performance in Romania was extraordinary. This event went beyond music. The whole of Ukraine must see this support by Romanians. It not just adds to our optimism, strength and confidence, this is inspiring. It is a huge solidarity. I wished that all Ukrainians would feel what I felt on stage - this recognition of Ukraine in the world. It is difficult to hold back the tears.”