Announcement: The concert tour in the USA from April 25th to May 3rd was cancelled!

Ruslana’s press service would like to issue an official statement announcing that all of her performances in the United States from April 25th to May 3rd of 2015 will not take place due to cancellation of the concert tour.

On April 25th, 2015 Ruslana will perform the anthem of Ukraine opening Wladimir Klitschko’s boxing match at Madison Square Garden, then immediately will depart for Baku, Azerbaijan to take part in the 3rd Global Shared Societies Forum.

Cologne: Ruslana receives Lew Kopelew Award for Peace and Human Rights

For her tireless social commitment Ruslana was awarded the prestigious Lew Kopelew Award for Peace and Human Rights. The Lew Kopelew Forum in Cologne, Germany, awards every year a price for extraordinary activities for humanity and understanding among nations.

Apart from Ruslana the Russian singer Andrej Makarevich, the Ukrainian activist Yevgenij Zakharov and the Russian children’s book author Eduard Uspenskij were awarded. The laudatory speech was held by the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz.

Panel discussion with the laureates the night before the award ceremony

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Interviewed by Deutsche Welle

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Award Ceremony

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Ruslana voted best Eurovision interval act

Ruslana was voted the best Eurovision national final interval act 2014/2015. The poll was initiated by the popular Eurovision blog Wiwibloggs. For her performance at the Romanian national final Ruslana received not only an amazing 50.55% (5,684 of a total of 11,244 votes) but also numerous positive comments appreciating her powerful energy, and sincere emotional statement about Ukraine. Last year’s Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst was nominated with four performances and received a grand total of 2,788 votes.

“Ukraine is a country of strong character. We are fighting for light to save Ukraine, to save Europe, to save the world” , her message on the TV show broadcast live on Romanian National TV and came from the bottom of her heart.

Energy and emotions at the Romanian Eurovision National Final

Ruslana was invited to perform as interval act at the Romanian Eurovision National Final in Craiova, Romania, broadcast live on Romanian TV channel TVR and

She opened with Wild Dances to which she added a verse in Romanian for the delight of the audience. After her energetic performances of Arkan, Dance with the Wolves and Play Me, Musician, where Ruslana ran through the audience and danced with the crowd, she addressed the audience. She spoke about the International Women’s Day and how happy she was to perform at the Romanian ESC Final.

She then wanted to speak about Ukraine. “You have to understand my next statement. It’s just twenty or thirty seconds, but it’s about Ukraine,” she said. Having said only this one word, the audience responded with standing ovations and chanting “Ukraine, Ukraine!” Ruslana was so overwhelmed by this sincere support for her country that she burst into tears.

“The wave of energy that arose in the hall was unbelievable. In this moment I remembered all our guys who died, and couldn’t hold back my tears.”

The presenters now wanted to take over, but Ruslana continued:

“Ukraine is a country of strong character. We are fighting for light to save Ukraine, to save Europe, to save the world. Please guys switch on your flashlights to show your support to everybody - as a symbol of power.”

She then closed her set with This Is Euphoria, holding a flashlight while the hall was lit by an ocean of lights in support for Ukraine.

Ruslana: “The performance in Romania was extraordinary. This event went beyond music. The whole of Ukraine must see this support by Romanians. It not just adds to our optimism, strength and confidence, this is inspiring. It is a huge solidarity. I wished that all Ukrainians would feel what I felt on stage - this recognition of Ukraine in the world. It is difficult to hold back the tears.”

Three concerts in Spain

Three concerts in Spain.

In late January Ruslana performed in Malaga, Barcelona and Madrid in front of the Ukrainian communities to raise funds for humanitarian aids in Eastern Ukraine.

In addition the concert tour with a two-hour show aimed to strengthen the volunteer movement of the Ukrainian diaspora and unite the national spirit for a common goal: building a new Ukraine.

After singing the Ukrainian National Anthem Ruslana addressed the audience:

“Ukrainians around the world! It’s time to initiate a campaign against terrorism in Ukraine.

We encourage and invite the world to join Ukraine and prevent future victims.

We also ask to recognize the territory of Eastern Ukraine (Donetsk and Lugansk region) as a territory occupied by terrorists and all acts of war and acts of terrorism as
1) the actions that were organized and funded by Putin;
2) actions run by Russian professional military and special forces;
3) activities that are carried out using mercenaries and people who are trained directly in Russia and receive orders and instructions from there, including the information formulations and behaviour models.

World! It’s time to call a spade a spade! It’s the Moment of Truth.
This is the essence of the anti-terrorist operation: Everyone should see the face of terrorists and know who is behind it.”

New Year’s Eve in the Carpathians

Ruslana spent New Year’s Eve together with her family and friends in Bukovel in the Carpathian Mountains, a place which is very special to her.

“I was invited to many countries, but I refused all performances and gave only this single concert in the Carpathians.

I would like to wish everyone who reads these lines Happy New Year 2015 and Merry Christmas!

The year we have lived through was loaded with events and difficult challenges. The choice was between life and death, between war and peace, between light and darkness. This year I saw things that only can be read in books and I thought that this happens only in movies, in a blockbuster, action movie or historical painting. This is exactly what the timeline of events in Ukraine looks like sometimes. But I had to see everything with my own eyes: heroism and cowardice, incredible strength and cunning, sincere light and terrible darkness.

The people I met this year, made my heart bigger, my desire to change the world stronger. You have given me so much strength and energy that I can hardly stop. We will act, and you cannot stop in this fight. We need to see the result and win. To do this, I went to Maidan, and stay at Maidan to this day.

Apparently, everyone - like me- wants to see the New Year in peace and quiet, in something constructive and stable. But despite all pragmatism, I always believe in miracles and I know that Ukraine is rich in miracles. Exactly then, when it seems to everyone, that Ukraine has exhausted its recourses, an incredible upheaval commences in Ukraine.

Despite the objective and subjective predictions of forecasters, independent or actively involved experts, we have to listen to our heart. Only there, deep in our soul, at the level of intuitive feeling, we know how to do everything in the best way.

May God watch over all of us and Ukraine. I wish all of us more love in our hearts and incredible desire to live. Because so many people gave their lives for just this: that we may live. Eternal remembrance to them! We will never forget you. You will forever remain in our hearts. You will forever remain in our hearts. Everyone, who has rushed to our defense. Heroes won’t die!

2014 was not easy, but we survived.

May the New Year be lighter.

Happy New Year! Merry Christmas!”

Night of Remembrance

On the night of the 29th to 30th November 2014, precisely one year after the special police unit dispersed peaceful students with batons, a “Night of commemoration” took place on Maidan, initiated by Ruslana, the Night Guard of the Maidan and the Agency of the Image of Ukraine.

Without unnecessary pathos, but with an open stage, where everyone willing had an opportunity to give a speech, while a flexible schedule allowed for improvisation, the action was 100% civilian.

Ruslana: “People are worried, and are feeling a moment of responsibility. I see, that so many people who stayed till the morning are ready to take this responsibility upon themselves. On this night the civilians at the Maidan addressed the acting authorities - the president, the parliament and the government. On this night we brought the Maidan back, and everyone has seen that Ukrainians, just like the year before, are active; that Ukrainians are sufficiently conscious and sufficiently independent. All our initiatives have to be heard and seen by the world. The most important thing is that today we have mobilized around a misfortune. I am urging everyone to join us! Glory to Ukraine!”

The participants of the “Night of commemoration” included: the Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine, Roman Vashchuk, the EU Ambassador to Ukraine, Jan Tombinski and the Lithuanian Ambassador to Ukraine, Piatras Vaitekunas. The ex-advisor to the president of Russia, Andrii Illarionov, has touched upon the subject of the initiation of Putin’s war against Ukraine in his speech.

The member of the European Commission, Štefan Füle, addressed the audience by Skype from Prague. The Georgian politician and reformer, Mikhail Saakashvili, took part by Skype from Washington and came up with suggestions concerning the fight against the anarchy in Ukraine.

Borys Gudziak, a bishop and head of the Ukrainian Catholic University joined live from Brussels. The students themselves of the Ukrainian Catholic University and of the National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, of the Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University as well as the students who have suffered during the dispersal one year ago, had an opportunity to give a speech on the stage on Maidan as the generation of the new Ukraine.

Video messages came from the diaspora EuroMaidans of Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Detroit, Warsaw, Brussels, Munich, Cologne and Hamburg. The action was ended at 6:30 a.m. with a walk to the Saint Michael’s Monastery Chapel, where the morning service took place.

Ruslana’s Sunrise Foundation

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have left their homes, and our mutual goal is to create appropriate living conditions for the fugitive families.

Ruslana and the International Charity Fund Ukrainskii Svitanok (Ukrainian Sunrise) are launching a project to support the refugees from the West and South of Ukraine.

The hotline which would be handling the requests of the citizens is: 0 800 503 911

The account details for transfering financial help for the refugees and soldiers is:

BENEFICIARY: International Charitable Foundation “Ukrainian Sunrise”


USD 26000056110641

EURO 26008056106391






Your responsiveness and awareness helps us with processing every request and providing shelter, food and medical treatment to the families who were rid of a permanent home.


Anthem, folk songs and oath for Ukraine at the annual Cultural Festival of the Ukrainian Heritage Center Soyuzivka

On July 13-14, 2014, Ruslana attended the annual Cultural Festival of the Ukrainian Heritage Center Soyuzivka in Kerhonkson, NY.

The event gathered a record number of Ukrainians from the U.S. and Canada.

Together with audience Ruslana held a mass prayer for Ukraine, peace and tranquility and gave an oath to Ukraine:
“I will do everything to save Ukraine.”

Ruslana campaigned in Romania for Ukraine and peace

On June 25, 2014 Ruslana performed at the International Educational Festival in Iasi, one of the biggest festivals in Romania. Apart from Ruslana other Eurovision stars including Alexander Rybak performed.

Her nearly one and a half hour concert Ruslana devoted to Ukraine, campaigning for peace and quiet.
Throughout the concert the singer held a Ukrainian flag! The local public came in support of Ukraine with Ukrainian yellow and blue flags.

“I’m holding the flag of my country. My country is in my heart. We just want peace in my country. We’ll never give up! Never ever!” – With these words Ruslana began her speech. The singer said that after the Ukrainian word for mother, father, sister, brother, and love, the next most important word is Ukraine!

The last song of her performance “This is Euphoria” Ruslana dedicated to all fallen in Eastern Ukraine.

“The whole fee for the performance I gave to needy people who were forced to migrate because of the occupation and terrorism in Eastern Ukraine.”

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