Ruslana performed National Anthem of Ukraine at Women in the World 2014 in New York

Opening ceremony of Women in the World Summit was held April 3rd in New York and will continue for three days at THE DAVID h. KOCH THEATER. Ruslana was invited to participate in the event as a Maidan activist who revealed her active social position. At the opening ceremony of the Summit, which gathered distinguished guests and participants, Ruslana performed a special version of the anthem of Ukraine in Ukrainian and English languages.

It has become a tradition to participate in the Summit for the ex-First Lady and American politician, Hillary Clinton, Director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, Ambassador of the United States on global women’s issues and women’s Vital Voices Foundation, which Ruslana had repeatedly cooperated with, Melanie Weaver and famous Hollywood actress Meryl Streep.

The Women in the World Summit was launched in 2010 by a famous journalist, editor of The Daily Beast and the author of numerous talk shows Tina Brown. The event aims to join world leaders and activists whose activities resolve global women’s issue. This year’s meeting was been attended by more than 2500 women from all over the world.

Today at the closing ceremony of the Summit, Ruslana performed “Euphoria” – the song that outstripped Maidan by almost 2 years and prophetically reflected the upcoming events in the video. She asked for the light lanterns to be lit in solidarity and support of the Ukrainian people against Putin’s tyranny– and in response there were 3, 000 lanterns lit!
American Maidan supported Ukraine. That’s how actions often speak much louder than any kind of words.

Also Ruslana met with Hillary Clinton in private on the eve of the Summit, and in the following days the singer will take part in television programs, including the Charlie Rose show, and Good Morning America, as well as meet with the Ukrainian community and visit the Ukrainian Museum


Today power of our voice is too big to keep silence: Ruslana devoted her performance to Ukraine

Today power of our voice is too big to keep silence

“People of the world! All politicians, All celebrities!

I scream for help! Today power of our voice is too big to keep silence! We need Your public statement, real actions to stop the new War in Ukraine!

Let’s do everything to save human lives before it is too late!

Don’t wait! Act! We want PEACE!”,
- Ruslana told and devoted herperformance to her native Ukraine and Crimea!

Ruslana mentions that all Belgium is talking about Ukraine now. To mark solidarity her “Euphoria” sounds on the largest Belgian radiostation. During herperformance simple belgians people raised Ukrainian blue-and-yellow flags.

Nobody accepts “Putin’s sabbath” here.

On her mind, today Putin died as politician for the whole civilized world

Ruslana Debuts as Jury Expert of Eurosong 2014 amid Crisis in Ukraine

Ruslana will debut as the Jury Expert of the Belgian Eurosong 2014 this Sunday, 16 February. Ruslana’s participation in the renowned Belgian Eurovision Song Contest pre-selection show comes exactly 10 years after her spectacular victory in the Contest in Istanbul. Ruslana’s winning song, Wild Dances, became one of the most successful Eurovision hits in the history of the Contest, and stayed for 11 weeks at No. 1 in the Belgian charts.

Yet, Ruslana is coming to Belgium at one of the most critical times in modern history of her own country, Ukraine, where mass protests, known as “EuroMaidan”, against the corrupt Ukrainian government and in favour of closer ties with the EU have been sweeping across the country since late November 2013.

Ruslana’s own social and political commitment has always been an affair of the heart for the power woman. Ever since the beginning of EuroMaidan, Ruslana has been fully dedicated to the protest, spending multiple nights in a row on Kyiv’s Independence Square, the centre of the protests, serving as an inspiration for the nightly protesters. “I risk my life for my people!” said Ruslana in a recent interview to the German magazine Closer.

Her extraordinary determination and commitment to fight for an EU future of her country was recognized in thousands of mass media articles all over the world describing her as the “Heroine of Ukraine”, “Heart and soul of the protest”, “Queen of the night”, “Voice of the revolution” and so on.

In fact, Ruslana had foretold the future of her country long before the protests began. When in December 2012 she released her new music video for her latest masterpiece This is Euphoria!, Ruslana said at a press conference: “To show the Ukraine of today, one must show a jail, the new symbol of Ukraine.” Ukraine behind bars is the main theme and message of the powerful music video, which shows a country where nobody is immune to the arbitrary application of the law.

This is Euphoria! is the lead single of Ruslana’s latest album, My Boo (Together). The album comprises 8 English, one Ukrainian and two remix bonus tracks. Despite its intercontinental rock and pop nature, Ruslana integrated old Slavic circle dances, liturgies and elements of classic pieces as well as popular folk themes.

The contestants of Eurosong will benefit from Ruslana’s vast experience of composing, producing, and performing successfully, and – last but not least – winning Europe’s most popular music show. As a jury member she will do her utmost to find the best candidate and to give Belgium a realistic chance to win this year’s contest.

Download here:

This is Euphoria!

My Boo! (together!)

Ruslana performed at EuroMaidan in Munich

On 1 and 2 February Ruslana performed at a 3-day EuroMaidan action in Munich which gathered Ukrainians from all over Germany and Europe.

Ruslana started her speech with a minute of silence in memory of the deceased Maidan activists during which hundreds of torches were lit.

“Maidan in Munich confirms that Ukrainians worldwide are a unity. They are joining hands in anticipation of threats as survival instinct. I want the whole world to understand us: we are afraid to lose the most precious: dignity, freedom, rights, Ukraine”, Ruslana said.

Ruslana appealed to all Ukrainians who gathered on Maidan in the center of Munich, to ask God to give wisdom to fill the heart with love, not detestation.

“Although this regime has brought to all of us a lot of pain, criminals, usurpation of power, corruption …. we have to choose the right methods of fighting without violence, to be clean in the face of God”, Ruslana said.

The Ukrainians in Munich had installed their “Christmas tree” decorating it with different Ukrainian symbols ad gave a big yellow and blue heart to Maidan in Kyiv. Even a girl on crutches attended the event.

The Maidan activists in Germany made a suggestion for a statement of Yanukovych: “Me, Victor Fedorovich Yanukovych, resign as president of Ukraine”.

The people who organized this Maidan asked tell the people in Ukraine that it will become warmer, if we are fighting together!

The Ukrainians also organized a march through the city of Munich and an AutoMaidan convoy. This action, unlike in Ukraine, was supported by the local police. Indeed, in Europe there is no ban on peaceful assemblies and nobody disperses peaceful protests by tear gas, water cannon in the cold, by flamethrowers or batons.

Ruslana met with the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State of John Kerry

In Munich on February 2, during the 50th International Security Conference Ruslana met with Victoria Nuland, the Assistant Secretary of State of John Kerry, United States Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia affairs.

Ruslana told Mrs. Nuland about the violation of human rights concerning the peaceful protests, persecution and intimidation of the activists.

The singer also informed the Assistant Secretary of State about the establishing of a working group in Ukraine which created the so-called “Black list” of all violations that are taking place in our country and are classified as a “Crime against humanity, against Ukrainians” This is a project of Professor Vladimir Vasilenko of the Kyiv Mohyla Academy.

Ruslana spoke on the current situation in Ukraine during press-conference at the Checkpoint Charlie Museum

Today Ruslana gave a press conference in Berlin for leading German, European and world news agencies and media, including RTL, ZDZ, Reuters

At the press conference Ruslana spoke on and presented proofs of all recent terrible cases of human rights violations in Ukraine.

Journalists present could not hold their tears. Current events in Ukraine met their reaction of shock and indignation.

Moreover Ruslana reconfirmed to international media she had been warned that her life is in danger.

At the end of the press conference Ruslana sang the national anthem of Ukraine. Everyone present without any exception stood up and joined her by singing the anthem having demonstrated by this act their solidarity with Ukrainian people.

The conference took place at the Checkpoint Charlie Museum – a symbolic museum of the Berlin Wall founded in vicinity of the Checkpoint Charlie – a border crossing point at the former border between East and West Germany.

The Museum was founded over 50 years ago by Dr. Rainer Hildebrandt right after the Wall was constructed. Dr. Rainer Hildebrandt, a human rights activist, fought against dictatorship during Hitler times. He was imprisoned for 17 months and miraculously survived. After the end of the war he continued his struggle against dictatorship and for the human rights all over the world. His activities are now continued by his wife.

From Monday onwards the museum will be distributing yellow-and-blue ribbons (colours of the Ukrainian flag) to its visitors the number of which exceeds 3000 people per day.

It has been scheduled that in a few weeks there will be opened an exhibition narrating the current events in Ukraine under the slogans “No to dictatorship! Struggle for human rights, struggle against torture!”

Ruslana made the issue of sanctions for criminal Ukrainian governance top priority on the agenda in Brussels

The Maidan activist Ruslana drew the attention of the European society to the corrupt property of Yanukovych and his government.

During the demonstration in support of the Ukrainian people which took place today on Luxembourg Square in Brussels at the main entrance to the European Parliament, the Altiero Spinelli building, she said:

“This corrupt money should immediately be verified. All these financial assets require immediate blocking. Sanctions should be imposed and visas should not be given to these people. You shouldn’t sit with them at the negotiating table. These are thoughts of average people in Ukraine who have been ignored and tortured for two months. And those laws which were now adopted are a shameful page in the history of Ukraine. Yanukovych is a dictator in the heart of Europe”

With slogans including “Ukraine is Europe”, “Help Ukraine - sanctions against Yanukovych”, “Europe: don’t just talk, start acting!” Ukrainian activists also from France and the Netherlands joined the rally. In addition some MEP’s attended in support.

After the rally in front of the European Parliament the activists moved to the European Commission where the 495th Plenary Session of the European Economic and Social Committee was held. Ruslana had been invited as “the voice of Maidan“ by the President of the Committee, Henry Malosse.

During her eight-minute speech Ruslana appealed to Europe to stop Yanukovych’s bloody actions by imposing sanctions on his property.

“Europe! Please help to stop Yanukovych’s bloody activities. Sanctions are absolutely essential in any form.
We can’t sit still and watch this dictatorship taking over Ukraine.
It’s wrong! We await support from the European Union in an efficient way!” Ruslana concluded her speech: „Ukraine is already Europe!“

Even the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso attended the Plenary Session. Ruslana talked to him face to face after her speech.

In the evening Ruslana was a guest on one of the most popular talk shows in Belgium, Reyers Laat of TV channel VRT-Canvas.

After explaining again how to stop the dictatorship in Ukraine, the host asked her if she is afraid of returning to her country. The Maidan activist replied that she will continue to draw the public attention to this subject. Dictatorship and corruption can only be eliminated through abrogation and audit of their property.

Taking the Maidan protests to the EESC in Brussels

Ruslana, the face of the Maidan protests in Kiev, was invited to the EESC plenary with Oleksiy Honcharuk, a spokesman for the movement. While the right to demonstrate has been restricted in recent days by the Ukrainian Parliament, the EESC is strengthening its support to the Ukrainian civil society.

In December, an EESC delegation led by its president, Henri Malosse, traveled to Kiev to meet with those protesting against the postponement of the signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union and to understand their expectations. The EESC plenary session thus became an opportunity to bring the voice of the Ukrainian people to Brussels. “This is the civil society which is in the street today”, declared Henri Malosse. “This mobilization of the Ukrainian people is crucial and historic. Europe must not miss this appointment. “

For the EESC, which adopted a resolution on the topic, the fact the Ukrainian Parliament has restricted the framework of the right to protest is a worrying sign while the protest has lasted for several months. Right now, it is essential that the EU formally commits to opposing any repression that may be led against this movement.

Some internet resources are still sharing fake info on behalf of Ruslana

Some internet resources are still sharing fake info on behalf of Ruslana.

Ruslana and her press office prefer not to comment on it, but we would like to inform you once more that the real statements by Ruslana are being posted only on our official pages and website or directly supported by a reference to the source.

Album “My Boo! (together)” now available digitally!

Ruslana’s latest album “My Boo! (together)” is now worldwide available digitally, including on iTunes, Amazon and several other internet recourses.

The album includes 8 English, one Ukrainian (Kray) and two remix bonus tracks.

Ruslana intertwined modern pop and rock music with fragments and tunes from classic Slavic musical pieces by Glinka, Tschaikovsky and Rakhmaninov as well as popular folk themes including Yablochko, Sirtaki and Tsyganochka.

Download here:
iTunes and amazon