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The long-awaited Ruslana album “Wild Energy” will be released on 10 October 2008.

Recorded at the legendary Hit Factory Criteria Studios in Miami and produced by Ego Works, “Wild Energy” maintains Ruslana’s unique musical components blended with modern urban influences. This release contains a first for Ruslana - the collaboration with the American Urban superstars T-Pain and Missy Elliott in two great songs with very dramatic and amazing results.

“Moon of Dreams” - The first single and video - is a duet with T-Pain and is already a smash in Poland and the Ukraine and the album was released on the 2nd of September 2008 in Canada.

“Wild Energy” combines the elements of music, video production, literature and social commitment in an extraordinary way. Dedicated to the idea of the independence of human feelings and freedoms using original and rarely heard ethnic sounds; the music blends these ancient styles and singing traditions of the Carpathian Mountain people with modern popular music. The timbre of Ruslana’s voice coupled with her unique vocal styling is unmistakable and instantly identifiable to millions of her fans.

With Ego Works’ creative production, Ruslana creates her own distinctive technique of incorporating the use of original grooves. She channels the inspiration for her own unique style of music from the peaks and valleys of the Carpathian Mountains.

Ruslana won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004 with her “Wild Dances” and voted the Best Eurovision Song of all time and making her one of the most popular artists in Europe. “Wild Dances” and its singles dominated fourteen charts for 97 weeks and the single was No. 1 in Belgium for a staggering 11 weeks.

Ruslana is the DJ voice for the fictional Vladivostok FM radio station on the new Grand Theft Auto IV, the biggest selling video game of all time.

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1 Comment

  1. Olena Soltysyak:

    Keep it like this, Ruslana!
    Having finished the tour with new album “Wild Energy” and new show about Ukraine, You conquer and go on conquering the hearts not just of the Ukrainians, but other nationalities of the world, such as: the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia and others.
    I am really proud of You, let the world find out the real Ukrainian voice and singing.
    A new show was just magnificent, of high quality and level. I would say that real professionals worked on it. Your clip maker creates very interesting and true clips. Your stylists and dressers did a very good job, thanks whom You transferred into a new style perfectly. You are, Ruslana, extraordinary gifted, You are the author of Your songs and perform them with soul and inspiration.
    Listening to Your songs and having attented Your concert, I can not say that this or that song is the best, because, as for me, they are all the best. Every song has positive energy, I can feel Your daily hard work and a part of soul in each song. When, You - Ruslana, sing in front of audience, You become integral part of them, but only great and real singers achieve it, as they sing with love, with their whole heart and care. Only song can tell us and show the state of soul, feelings and emotions.
    You are, Ruslana, independent, unconquered, strong and free!
    You are the energy, who becomes different and stronger.

    I believe, this letter will be read by Ruslana!!!

    Yours faithfully, Olena Soltysyak, age of 26

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