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Ruslana reveals shocking facts

Ruslana reveals shocking facts about child’s pornography industry and human trafficking in Ukraine

Within the frames of the Ukrainian tour With Ukraine in Hearts Ruslana announced a new start for her social initiative – Not For Sale project. “This tour is a chance for every artist to carry out some critical message – singer said. – Within the frames of the tour I decided to proceed with the project Not For Sale, aimed at combating human trafficking”.

Ruslana’s statement was followed by revealing number of shocking facts, that stroke the journalists: “From year 1990 till now 12 millions examples of child’s pornography have been produced in Ukraine. Only in 2008 80% of child’s pornography world market has been produced in Russia, Ukraine, Belorus and Moldova. According to the estimation of the Ministry of the Interior the Ukrainian pornography brings profit of $100 millions annually. About 12-15 of the Ukrainian children, mainly homeless and those from problem families, are permanently involved in this industry. Their average age is from 4 to 10”.

In this dramatic way Ruslana decided to draw attention to increasing problem of child’s pornography and human trafficking in Ukraine. She underlined, that Ukraine is in top 5 of the countries producing child’s pornography and in top 10 of the ones spreading it. Besides, Ruslana noticed, that nowadays child’s pornography production is quite possible without taking the Ukrainians minors abroad.

The singer highlighted also a related problem of illegal body organs transplantation: “The victims of this phenomenon are usually homeless children – the most insecure and uncontrolled by the society. As the result of these illegal surgery they either remain invalids for the rest of their life, or being killed or left to die without elementary medical treatment.

«I bring out this facts not simply to shock, - Ruslana says as a conclusion. – I want us to stop being indifferent to such crimes as human trafficking, illegal body orgarns transplantation and sexual exploitation of children”.
Ruslana believes that the only way to combat or at least minimize these problems is joint coordinated actions of the civilians, rights protection organizations and, of course support of the state of all levels.
Ruslana’s unexpectedly emotional speech was not left without attention on the side of the Prime Minister. Yulia Tymoshenko has already charged the respective departments to find the

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