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SHALALA by Ruslana: new song and dance, video and image!

Ruslana: “I Will Show You Shalala”
New Song Shalala

The song is written by Ruslana, O.Ksenofontov, V. Debrianskyj and recorded in San Francisco and Kyiv. It is based on a universally popular gypsy tune brandishing its distinct rebellious spirit. Along with stirring gypsy guitars, Ruslana recorded dancers and step dancers in the studio to render the rhythm of the song through dance sounds. This song is a dance with a simple tune “…Sha-la-la…”, that everybody can sing and dance along.
The song premiere is scheduled for the 3rd of October on Gala Radio.

New video Shalala
Ruslana as the director of her video

This time Ruslana directed her music video herself and in cooperation with one of the most celebrated directors of photography in Ukraine – Dmytro Peretrutov (steadycams: Georgiy Dergachov and Taras Dron’).

The central square of L’viv (the ancient Ploshcha Rynok) turned into a real dance floor for the day. The main elements of the video include 400 dancers, stunts and jumps on cars. The dancing Ruslana made everything around swirl and move.

The new image shows a bright vivid girl with colorful tatu-roses or body art as the main decoration combined with motley skirts and shirts.

“She is a wanderer girl, a party girl. Yesterday she was sparkling on the stage with some musical, today, after a long journey, the sounds of new music have inspired her to do a special dance, and she is teaching the people around to dance along, sharing the magic of the dance though her palms”, - - Ruslana reveals the secrets of her new video.

The main events of the video are taking place at the Ploshcha Rynok square and in a stylish Mons Pius pub (the name stands for “Blessed Mountain”). Mons Pius is a place of historical value with ancient furniture, dishes, restored wooded girders, dating back more than 300 years. A unique atmosphere…
After a “dance dispute” in the pub, Ruslana and a group of dancers continue their dialogue in the language of dance in the streets of the ancient city. Suddenly the entire city is dancing along with them.

On the 4th of October, watch the new music video premiere in Snidanok z 1+1 TV show (1+1 channel) and on the M1 music channel.

New Dance Game ShaLaLa

The dance is based on a popular gypsy clapper in a modern interpretation, which was created in cooperation with the young popular dancer and choreographer Eugene, known for such TV projects as Tantsuyut’ Vsi (Everybody’s Dancing) and Mydance.

”I will give master classes on the radio and TV, showing Shalala dance elements, so one day we could dance TOGETHER! You can dance it alone, with a partner or with friends. The secret of the dance is in Your palm! The mystery of the dance is where thousands of others are doing it! Grooving with your body you can find a unique power inside yourself”, – Ruslana shares.


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