Ruslana with 1000 Dancers Raised First Wave at Arena L’viv opening!

Ruslana raised the first wave with Davaj Graj song premiere performed with 1000 dancers at L’viv Arena stadium opening. The second wave knocked her down in front of audience of 34 thousands.
On the eve of the event Ruslana was actively promoting her special master class teaching movements for the future mass show involving stands. 15 minutes before the beginning of the show she made a special rehearsal with the stadium audience offering the exacts movements and sounds to be performed during her song. The singer appeared in a new shocking image – General-like military suit, decorated with thousands of neon lights, and unrecognizable hairstyle completely differing from her last Shalala style.

The show was a success. Two giant waves and mass synchronous movements inspired L’viv audience both on the rehearsal and show. As Ruslana was leaving the stage and crossing the filed she was knocked down incidentally by dancers that were making their way from the stadium. Luckily this wasn’t shown on TV, but the singer got slightly injured. “One should be careful while conquering the elements, – Ruslana smiles. No matter where you are, now we have the song, rhythm, melody uniting us in a single mass show!”


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