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The Brotherhood of Men and the Sister Skinhead Ruslana!!!

The Brotherhood of Men and the Sister Skinhead Ruslana!!!

In the new music video ‘My Brother!’ (Мій Брат!) from Ruslana’s 2012 album ‘Euphoria!’ (ЕЙ-форі-Я!) featuring a mass game and a good dose of punk!

“Sister” Ruslana shaved her temples and organized a large-scale fraternization in her new music video as she once again asserted her reputation of the flamboyant animator of crowds performing mass shows and games.

Ruslana’s new catchword: Sister + Brother = Mass Fraternization!

Ruslana got her inspiration from the popular slogan ‘All Men Are Brothers’ transforming it into ‘My Brother, We Are Together!’ in the Ukrainian version of the song - or simply ‘We Are Together!’ in the English version.

Ruslana reveals a variety of colorful, unorthodox character transformations throughout the video and demonstrates her signature breathtaking bravery in experimenting with her look - all the way to weaving empty juice cans into a punk mo-hawk on her head.

In the video, Ruslana shows a portion of her mass game as she looks to stimulate ‘mass creativity’ as she calls it.

Everybody is invited! Ruslana calls on her audience to learn a small piece of the song - the tune ‘oh-oh-oh’ together with the move that goes with it - and repeat both in unison with others around.

As far as its style and melody go, the song was created as a crowd dance with ethnic elements and tunes.

The music video features 4 teams from Kharkiv, Odessa, Zaporizhya and Kirovohrad, a total of about 200 people. Their participation in the video was an award of sorts for taking part in Ruslana’s Ukrainian tour last spring (April-May 2012). During the tour, teams in 11 Ukrainian cities competed to demonstrate the loudest and the most dynamic and energetic mass show.

While the loudest ‘My Brother!’ performances during the tour came from Lviv, Chernivtsi, Yalta and Kyiv - 98 decibels each - Ruslana invited the most energetic teams, from Kharkiv, Odessa, Zaporizhya and Kirovohrad, to participate in the video.
Reason? She believed that the true power of the mass show is determined by how enthusiastic and energetic the crowd is, and not so much by how loud it can be.

The music video was filmed in front of Ruslana’s private house in a quiet little town near Kyiv. To prevent misunderstanding, ahead of the shooting Ruslana’s team distributed flyers to all the neighbors explaining the temporary loud inconveniences:

“Dear neighbors!
The street where I have the honor to live alongside you will be used to shoot a music video for my new song…. About 200 young people will participate in the shooting…. We will organize dance flash mobs and mass games that should not inconvenience you too much, except being a source of loud music and except some challenges in crossing the street…. We will do our best to avoid causing you any discomfort.
Your neighbor,

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