Ruslana back in the West

With a spectacular performance in Belgium and a digital single release Ruslana puts herself back on the map of Western Europe. Her open-air concert at the closing ceremony of the gay sports event WorldOutGames (WOGA) and the AntwerpPride in Antwerp on Sunday, 11th August 2013 was enormously well met by the audience, the mass media and the fans. At the same time the track This Is Euphoria of Ruslana’s current album My Boo (together) was released as a single on iTunes.

Five years after Ruslana’s last appearance in a Western European country the enthusiasm of her fans is unbroken. The devoted followers had gathered not only from Belgium and the Netherlands, but also from the South of Germany and even the UK and Romania. The singer was delighted to see so many ‘old faces’ and about the personal presents from her followers. After the extensive fan meeting Ruslana rushed the venerable 16th Century City Hall to give interviews to several major international Eurovision and music related media such as,,, and

Despite the intermittent rain the Grote Markt square in the historical city center of Antwerp was filled with several thousand spectators. The concert opened with Wild Dances which had been a great hit in Belgium, staying ten weeks at number 1 of the Belgium sale charts. For Dance with the Wolves – another great success in the Belgium charts – Ruslana taught the audience the famous wolf howl, an element from the OGO Show. Other goodies included Arkan, Heart On Fire and Muzichenko plus tracks from the new album: Yablochko and ShaLaLa. During Ruslana’s performance a rain cloud passed by, but of course it couldn’t stop the singer and her Zhyttya ballet to spread their wild energy and to make the audience sing and dance along.

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