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Ruslana made the issue of sanctions for criminal Ukrainian governance top priority on the agenda in Brussels

The Maidan activist Ruslana drew the attention of the European society to the corrupt property of Yanukovych and his government.

During the demonstration in support of the Ukrainian people which took place today on Luxembourg Square in Brussels at the main entrance to the European Parliament, the Altiero Spinelli building, she said:

“This corrupt money should immediately be verified. All these financial assets require immediate blocking. Sanctions should be imposed and visas should not be given to these people. You shouldn’t sit with them at the negotiating table. These are thoughts of average people in Ukraine who have been ignored and tortured for two months. And those laws which were now adopted are a shameful page in the history of Ukraine. Yanukovych is a dictator in the heart of Europe”

With slogans including “Ukraine is Europe”, “Help Ukraine - sanctions against Yanukovych”, “Europe: don’t just talk, start acting!” Ukrainian activists also from France and the Netherlands joined the rally. In addition some MEP’s attended in support.

After the rally in front of the European Parliament the activists moved to the European Commission where the 495th Plenary Session of the European Economic and Social Committee was held. Ruslana had been invited as “the voice of Maidan“ by the President of the Committee, Henry Malosse.

During her eight-minute speech Ruslana appealed to Europe to stop Yanukovych’s bloody actions by imposing sanctions on his property.

“Europe! Please help to stop Yanukovych’s bloody activities. Sanctions are absolutely essential in any form.
We can’t sit still and watch this dictatorship taking over Ukraine.
It’s wrong! We await support from the European Union in an efficient way!” Ruslana concluded her speech: „Ukraine is already Europe!“

Even the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso attended the Plenary Session. Ruslana talked to him face to face after her speech.

In the evening Ruslana was a guest on one of the most popular talk shows in Belgium, Reyers Laat of TV channel VRT-Canvas.

After explaining again how to stop the dictatorship in Ukraine, the host asked her if she is afraid of returning to her country. The Maidan activist replied that she will continue to draw the public attention to this subject. Dictatorship and corruption can only be eliminated through abrogation and audit of their property.

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