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Ruslana took part in the 6th Congress of Women in Warsaw and met Donald Tusk

On May 10, Ruslana took part in the 6th Congress of Women (Kongres Kobiet) in Warsaw.

During the congress influential women of Poland were discussing current social, economic, and political questions. The Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk, was present at the Congress. Each phrase by Ruslana was interrupted by applause and hence her speech turned into a collection of slogans.

“Undoubtedly Poland is together with us! Not just with words, but with deeds!”, states Ruslana.

In her speech delivered from the stage to the audience of 6,000 people, she said:

“If you are awaiting a classic traditional war, it’s not going to happen! Putin’s war comprises dark technologies. He is the sponsor of terrorism! He is the master of special operations and terrorist acts!”

Ruslana told the Polish people that the detriment from all the lies and propaganda which caters to Putin’s war is scarier than we think!

The Ukrainian also urged all the women to put maximum pressure on male politicians and businessmen, to put an end to war using all possible methods!

Ruslana: “I told about Kremlin’s defamation of the Polish people in Eastern Ukraine, in particular in Kramatorsk where rumours are spread that ‘men in uniform with guns’ are allegedly ‘Banderivci’ (Stepan Bandera followers) and Poles.”

I called upon the Poles to join in the common prayer for peace and tranquility which will take place on May 24 at the Homyak Mountain (1,600 m) in the Carpathians.

Ruslana called on all Poles to join for prayer for peace and tranquility which will be held on May 24th on Mount Homyak (1600m) in the Carpathians. She asked everyone to open their eyes and not to pretend that Putin’s war does not exist.

She also addressed Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel with relevant appeals, since Merkel is choosing between business and human lives, and Hilary Clinton’s husband signed the Budapest Memorandum in 1994.

The women in front of which Ruslana delivered her speech, influence public opinion and political decision.

At the end of her speech Ruslana had gotten to her knees and asked to do everything possible to stop Putin’s war. After that she sang Wild Dances, This Is Euphoria, and by tradition the National Anthem of Ukraine.

The whole auditorium switched on their flashlights and chanted the words “Peace and Tranquility” together with Ruslana which is what Ukraine is striving for in the world (unlike Putin).

After the event came to an end Ruslana had a separate half an hour long meeting with Donald Tusk.

Ruslana: “I confirmed that the terrorist operation is already moving towards Western Ukraine! I also said that Ukraine is very exhausted as result of intimidation with terrorist attacks and other acts of sabotage! We discussed the issue of propaganda and ways to fight it.”

Lies shouldn’t rule the world!

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