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New Year’s Eve in the Carpathians

Ruslana spent New Year’s Eve together with her family and friends in Bukovel in the Carpathian Mountains, a place which is very special to her.

“I was invited to many countries, but I refused all performances and gave only this single concert in the Carpathians.

I would like to wish everyone who reads these lines Happy New Year 2015 and Merry Christmas!

The year we have lived through was loaded with events and difficult challenges. The choice was between life and death, between war and peace, between light and darkness. This year I saw things that only can be read in books and I thought that this happens only in movies, in a blockbuster, action movie or historical painting. This is exactly what the timeline of events in Ukraine looks like sometimes. But I had to see everything with my own eyes: heroism and cowardice, incredible strength and cunning, sincere light and terrible darkness.

The people I met this year, made my heart bigger, my desire to change the world stronger. You have given me so much strength and energy that I can hardly stop. We will act, and you cannot stop in this fight. We need to see the result and win. To do this, I went to Maidan, and stay at Maidan to this day.

Apparently, everyone - like me- wants to see the New Year in peace and quiet, in something constructive and stable. But despite all pragmatism, I always believe in miracles and I know that Ukraine is rich in miracles. Exactly then, when it seems to everyone, that Ukraine has exhausted its recourses, an incredible upheaval commences in Ukraine.

Despite the objective and subjective predictions of forecasters, independent or actively involved experts, we have to listen to our heart. Only there, deep in our soul, at the level of intuitive feeling, we know how to do everything in the best way.

May God watch over all of us and Ukraine. I wish all of us more love in our hearts and incredible desire to live. Because so many people gave their lives for just this: that we may live. Eternal remembrance to them! We will never forget you. You will forever remain in our hearts. You will forever remain in our hearts. Everyone, who has rushed to our defense. Heroes won’t die!

2014 was not easy, but we survived.

May the New Year be lighter.

Happy New Year! Merry Christmas!”

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