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Two acclaimed live concerts in Manchester

On 9th and 10th October 2015 Ruslana gave two acclaimed live concerts at the Manchester Ukrainian Cultural Centre ‘Dnipro’. Originally only one show on Saturday was planned. But as it was sold out within a few hours after the ticket lines opened a second one on Friday night was allocated which was also almost sold out. They were the first live concerts in the UK since Ruslana’s extensive 18-concerts UK tour in 2005.

On Thursday, 8th Oct., Ruslana received a warm welcome at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre by the Ukrainian community. Manchester Ukrainian dance ensembles Orlyk and Podilya and choirs Mriya and Volia performed for her and the star was excited about the great skills of the local artists. Of course together they sang the National Anthem of Ukraine.

Before both of Ruslana’s concerts the British-Ukrainian band Chorna Roza warmed up the audience as a support band. The singer and her 3-piece band gave everything fuelled by the thrilled audience. The whole hall was dancing, singing and cheering from the first tone. Her energetic show lasted until midnight. After the Friday show she recalled:

“It was probably first time in my life when my concert lasted over two and a half hours (we started at 9.30 p.m. and finished at midnight local time)!

I thank the Ukrainian community in Manchester and my European fans who came from other cities in the UK and Europe for your drive and extraordinary reception! You gave me strength for the future, your chants and applause, your eyes that shone something special and that will remain with me all of my life!”

On the second night the enthusiasm of the audience was even exceeded. Again Ruslana’s full power show lasted more than two hours. She recalled:

“Yesterday’s concert in Manchester was unsurpassed. It was the people themselves who created it – Ukrainians were united together this night!!! Constantly exclaiming ‘Glory to Ukraine!!! Ukraine !!! Heroes do not die !!!’. I will write in more detail of the whole experience, but now I can say one thing – Ukraine, is where we are!

I thank the Ukrainians in Manchester and everyone who has made the two hours on stage unforgettable! I wanted to give you all my energy to last 100 years, but you have given me your power for 100 years.”

At the concerts 1,028 GBP (33,700 UAH) were raised for Ruslana’s charity fund Ukrainian Sunrise which supports the victims of the war in Eastern Ukraine, especially children.

Photo gallery, Thursday, 8 Oct. 2015 >>

Photo gallery, Friday, 9 Oct. 2015 >>

Photo gallery, Saturday, 10 Oct. 2015 >>

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